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Daiya Greek Yogurt Alternative & a Giveaway

Daiya Greek Yogurt Alternative, breakfast, Daiya Foods,

My husband has been on a major health kick and has been committed to bringing his lunch every day. He has started making daily salads in layers and placing them in glass mason jars. Not only are they packed with all this nutritious goodness, they stay fresh and look so appealing and appetizing. Since he has tackled lunches, I have taken over breakfast. I wanted to make it easy for us to get our energy fix on without the hassle of making a complicated breakfast. I decided to take his lunch idea and adapt it to our breakfast routine.

Daiya Greek Yogurt Alternative, breakfast, Daiya Foods,

I made healthful parfaits with Daiya Greek Yogurt Alternative and not only were they a big hit, they are so easy to make that being consistent is easy peasy. I have to cut down on my dairy as advised by my allergist and have been incorporating Daiya into my routine as I make the transition.

Daiya Greek Yogurt Alternative, breakfast, Daiya Foods,

Daiya Greek Yogurt Alternative is rich, thick and creamy and looks and smells just like yogurt. You can use it all the ways you currently enjoy yogurt, straight out of the cup, in a smoothie, or layered in a yummy parfait like we have been enjoying. We simply pick our fav flavor of Daiya Greek Yogurt Alternative (Blueberry (my fav!), Peach, Strawberry or Black Cherry-his fav) add in a layer of organic oats, topped with fresh fruit and finished with a layer of shaved almonds. Perfectly YUM! Daiya offers 8 grams of protein per serving, and each creamy spoonful features a sweet blend of real fruit and rich, velvety yogurt—without any dairy, gluten or soy—and is a perfect option for vegans as well.

Daiya Greek Yogurt Alternative, breakfast, Daiya Foods,

Daiya Greek Yogurt Alternative is so fragrant, the burst of fresh fruit hits you as soon as you peel it open. I love to see the chunks of real fruit packed in as I prepare our yummy breakfasts. I make a bunch of mason parfaits on Sunday night and then we can "grab and go" as we rush to start our day. I like knowing my hubs never has to miss the most important meal of the day and he likes being able to eat his meal while he commutes to work.

Daiya Greek Yogurt Alternative (SRP $1.99) is the latest addition to the company’s existing dairy, gluten, and soy-free food lineup, including the first-ever deluxe dairy-, gluten- and soy-free Cheezy Mac, scrumptious Cheezecakes, and artisanal pizzas, as well as a core line of dairy-free Shreds, Blocks, Slices and Cream Cheese Style Spreads.

Daiya Greek Yogurt Alternative, breakfast, Daiya Foods,

Daiya's line of premium plant-based foods, like Greek Yogurt Alternatives, pizzas, cheezecakes, cream cheese style spreads, and wonderful cheeses, including blocks, shreds and slices, are available in the dairy case and freezer aisle. Daiya also recently expanded its offerings to include shelf-stable products like its Cheezy Mac. Daiya’s selection of deliciously dairy-free foods can be found in more than 20,000 grocery stores in the U.S., including Whole Foods, Kroger’s, Safeway, and Publix, as well as most natural food retailers.

Daiya Greek Yogurt Alternative, breakfast, Daiya Foods,

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