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Mini Style Saturday: Cute and Cozy Coats


The weather might not call for coats quite yet, but it's coming. Fall is here and before we know it, we'll be bundling our little ones up before they head out into the elements. You Northern friends of mine will need coats even before we do down south, so I've rounded up some seriously cute outerwear for you!

Here in Florida, we don't typically bust out our coats and jackets until at least November and sometimes the cold weather doesn't hit until as late as January...but when it it hits, it hits hard. The cold may only be with us for as little as a few weeks, but when it's thirty degrees out, a mama wants her little cherubs to be toasty warm!

My lil' lady bean was a tiny infant last year, so when it was really chilly I slipped her into bunting, but this year she's officially ready for bigger kids outerwear! And I admit, even though our winter season is fleeting, I'm a bit of an outerwear addict and tend to pick up more than one coat each for me and the kids. We need options right? Some days might feel like a furry kinda day, while others might call for a lighter nylon jacket.

CHaLK NYC has you covered on both counts. I can't get over how chic their children's coats are. I wish they came in my size. Haha! They're investment pieces for sure, but if your kids are spending a good amount of time in one, investing in a high quality piece of children's outerwear isn't the worst idea in the world.

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But if you live the majority of the year in warm weather like moi, you might be looking for a more budget friendly option. In that case, Zutano has some seriously cute jackets that won't break the bank. From pea coats to hoodies and even faux fur, you're sure to find something you love for your little one.

So, am I the only one coat shopping already or do you feel the cold weather sneaking up on you too?

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