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Americans of all ages are constantly on their mobile devices, but according to a new study from priceline.comparents emergedas the most reliant on their mobile phones (compared to adults without children). Here’s what else the survey uncovered about parents’ mobile dependencies:

  • Across the board, those with children (50%)would be more willing to sacrifice certain necessities (i.e. sleep on the floor every night or wear only a burlap sack every day) for an invincible phone than those without children (29%). (Invincible phone = a phone that never breaks or runs out of battery life).
  • Those with children (62%) feel like they’re missing a body part when they don’t have their phone on them, compared to those without children (41%).
  • Those with children (43%) used their mobile devices to book travel last year more than those without children (26%).
  • And where are parents booking travel on their mobile phones? The study shows that the bedroom is the most popular, followed by the home office, kitchen and even the bathroom.
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