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CuRious Candy by Cynthia Rowley

Cynthia Rowley, Curious

A few days ago, Momtrends had the chance to enjoy a sweet assignment (quite literally, actually) during a visit to CuRious Candy. With two locations (Bleecker Street and East 78th street), CuRious Candy is the whimsical dream of fashion designer Cynthia Rowley where everything candy is stylish, sophisticated, elegant, and of course delicious!

Curious Candy, Cynthia Rowley

Renowned as a high-fashion designer, Cynthia also has a sweet tooth, which is how the how idea came up to create the CuRious locations as an extension of her brand.

Curious Candy, Cynthia Rowley

During a visit to the Bleecker Street location, I loved looking around the store and seeing the variety of sweet confections (lollypops, chocolates, gummies and much more!) that were beautifully displayed in elegant drawers that sales reps will scoop up and weight for you. Not only about the candy, CuRious is a visual wonderland where kids, parents and everyone in between will love the gorgeous displays including a fun fireplace, art designed by Cynthia and cute products like cell phone covers, hard candy sculptures, beautiful gift wrap, party hats, edible flatware, t-shirts and much more.


Another unique attribute to this store is the live plant that adorns the front window of the storefront - drawing customers in to this unique and fun store. Another fun part of the store is the cotton candy machine where you and your kids can get everything from classic to watermelon cotton candy.

Curious Candy, Cynthia Rowley
Curious by Cynthia Rowley
Curious Candy, Cynthia Rowley

The Upper East Side location is bigger than the one in the West Village with a similar design feel with its own unique feel that is located above Cynthia's boutique. Another benefit of this location is that kids (and adults) can have birthday parties hosted here. This includes candy decorating, pinatas and much more.

A visual and culinary experience, CuRious Candy by Cynthia Rowley is an incredible place to tap into your sweet tooth while also a memorable and elegant glimpse into Cynthia's world.

Check out this sweet video to learn more about CuRious Candy:

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