Creative Fun with Montubox

Creative Fun with Montubox

I love that I am a work-from-home mom that has a lot of time during the weeks with my girls. While I love doing everything from crafting and reading and math and science with them, there does get to a point when mommy needs help! Enter Montubox, a comprehensive educational box that is filled with hands-on projects that are designed to expand children's creativity, curiosity and knowledge.

Craft Boxes

Designed for ages 4 to 9, this subscription box is delivered right to your door that is filled with fun, educational, and activities such as puzzles, books, educational games, arts and crafts and more.

A recent box that we tested out featured a book called Planet Earth, a fin bookmark, a toolbox, a foil art kit from Melissa & Doug, a Fuzzy Puzzle and a Lace and Play Hedgehog that both girls (ages almost 6 and 2.50) loved.

What makes these boxes different?

With so many boxes on the market, I wanted to know what made this one different. With Montubox, the company researches products, attends toy fairs, and assembles each box according to age and gender, and all revolving around an interesting theme (Weather, Transportation, Space and Planets, Animals, etc). They also have a sibling option, so you can always have enough product for both (or more) of your kids. The kits also include a collection of curated top quality brands that makes it great for long weekends, rainy days, an alternative to watching TV where our kids can discover, learn and simply have fun.

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