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From glorious wooden blocks to super tees fro boys, Corduroy Kid is full of delights and discoveries. Monica Willis, Owner and fashion stylist has created a place for parents to enjoy all the purchases that go into raising kids. I caught up with Monica to find out how she stays inspired and why she got into the kiddie biz.

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Why did you launch the store?
I started Corduroy Kid for 2 reasons. Once I had kids I realized there was no one that sold some of the great Australian kids brands that I wanted to buy. Secondly there was no kids stores in my neighborhood.

What does your shop do better than anyone else?
We offer a carefully edited selection of unique products from the plethora of children’s products on the market. Corduroy Kid is all about having a great shopping experience; from the friendly helpful staff, to the remarkable products to the killer gift wrapping and of course our fun atmosphere. I think this concept of the whole shopping experience is what sets us apart from other stores, we genuinely care and that is clear when you walk into our stores.

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Favorite item in store now ?
Decaf plush strawberry dress - I think I used to have something like this when I was a kid! (my pick.. this orange bubble dress; $54)

What do you love about your location(s)?
I love both our locations because we are part of a community and I really get a chance to get to know my customers. I often meet them when they are pregnant and then get to watch their babies grow into toddlers. It's the best.

Where did the name come from?
Corduroy has always been my favorite fabric. When I was a kid I had the most fabulous pair of purple corduroy bell bottoms that I lived in.

Personal Style Icon?
My 7 year old daughter is really my personal style icon. She is always putting together the most amazing looks - such freedom of expression I find incredibly inspiring. After that I love the big A's- Audrey Hepburn and Ali mcGraw.

What celebrity would you like to dress?
Honestly I'm not really into the kiddie celebrity thing. I like dressing all kids. I love seeing what they respond to and what excites them.

Favorite thing to do in NYC?
We love to take the kids beach combing down at Breezy Point. We do this all through the year winter being the best time. It's gorgeous down there, no one is around you look back over the water at Coney Island, and when you walk around the point you see the sprawling coastline. It reminds us of home! We consider Breezy Point and Fort Tildento be one of Brooklyn's best kept secrets.

Visit Corduroy Kids at 631 Vanderbilt or 231 5th Avenue in Brooklyn. Check out the blog here. Shop Online here.

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