Cool Way to Save Money for College with Instagrad


Instagrad recently released a beta launch of the most progressive concept in college savings - a platform that helps parents raise funds for education by encouraging friends and loved ones to contribute directly to the child’s established 529 Savings Plan. With college tuition forecasted to double in the next 10 years and household income projected to remain stagnant all while the cost of living continues to rise, Instagrad was created to provide families with a way to increase savings and ensure a higher education for their children.

As most parents can attest, providing children with a college education is one of the greatest gifts they can offer and to help make that dream a reality, parents commonly establish a 529 Savings Plan for their children. Up until now, the only way to help contribute to the child’s future was either by mailing a check or giving cash to the parents.

The launch of Instagrad changes that process by making it easy for relatives and friends to immediately contribute online directly into the child’s 529 plan. 

Once the 529 Savings Plan has been established, families can create a free profile on the website where they are provided with the framework and tools needed to encourage family members and friends to donate on special occasions such as birthdays, religious holidays and graduations. Allowing parents to establish a mailing list, send invitations and monitor gifts received, Instagrad not only simplifies the process but makes it safe and reliable. With the added ability to share across all social media platforms, Instagrad enables loved ones across the world to be an integral part of a child’s successful future

“It is our fundamental goal to help families prepare and save a substantial education fund for their children,” said Mauricio Idarraga, Founder of Instagrad. “With the price of tuition increasing at an astonishing rate, Instagrad was created to simplify the contribution process and extend a helping hand to families across the nation. As advocates for higher education, the benefit of learning is invaluable and Instagrad strives to make the promise of college a reality for every child.”

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