Cool Bikes for Summer

Chic Bikes for Summer

I am so excited for the long days of summer, and to get around Brooklyn as well as to exercise I am going to be doing a lot of biking. During a recent press event I had the chance to check out the collection of bikes from Electra, a 20-year old company that is known for their smooth rides, safety features and out-of-the-box bike designs that are bold, fun and refreshing.

Electra Bikes
Electra Bikes

Starting with the style, Electra is renowned for their cutting-edge designs that fit every personality and sense of style. This includes exciting bikes like the Townie Balloon, Pink Cruiser, and the Ticino Collection - offering moms a great way to discover the world on sleek wheels. In addition to their innovative styles, Electra bikes are also offer a smooth ride so that you can enjoy your biking experience while also exercising. They also have a patented design (in 4 our their collections) that can help mom's stop thinking about the bike so they can pay attention to their kids while riding, and helps the kids feel in control of the bike.

Kids Bikes

They also have bikes for men and kids like the Townie, Sparker, Hawaii and Betty (to name a few) to get your kids started on a high-quality performance bike.

Enjoy the long days of summer and ride comfortably in one of the many styles from Electra.

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