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Cooking with Kids and Healthy Cooking Tips

Cooking with Kids and Healthy Cooking Tips

We love to cook with our kids. One of favorite staples is to cook with rice like the healthy and easy-to-use varieties from Uncle Ben's. As a brand, they are big on cooking with kids as seen from their Third Annual Ben’s Beginners™ Cooking Contest who believes that it is important for parents to involve their kids in making and eating healthy meals at home. To help us out, check out their tips on how to make healthy meals and how to better cook with your kids.

Uncle Ben;s

Cooking with Kids and Healthy Cooking Tips:

1) Instead of using the traditional butter when you bake, try using Greek yogurt. It is a healthier way to add the needed recipe filler and it has less calories and saturated fat.

2) Get creative with your kids in the kitchen! Let them put their hands in the batter and try out different concoctions. The more fun they have with you in the kitchen the more likely they will be to want to continue cooking.

3) Just add rice! Rice is naturally gluten-free and sodium free so it can take any dish to a delicious and healthy new level. Rice comes in countless varieties and you can have fun with your kid as you experiment with new recipes.

4) There can never be too many cooks in the kitchen. Bring the whole family together as you each create your own signature dish or work together to make the ultimate family dinner affair.

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5) Get your kids drinking tea! It is the perfect addition to any meal and is a great substitute for sugary sodas and side drinks. If it is cold out, go for the green tea. If it is hot, go for the sugar free iced tea.

6) Use almonds. Instead of standard milk, nutty up any recipe with almond milk and crushed almonds on top to garnish. Almonds are low in saturated fat and cholesterol free.

7) Start your kids cooking at a young age. This way, as they grow up they will be familiar with all of the different aspects of the kitchen and be confident cooks. They will learn how to incorporate vegetables for a nutritious and colorful meal.

8) Kids love applesauce, so use it as a baking oil alternative. This reduces calories and fat in addition to being the most kid friendly addition to any dessert.

9) Sign up for parent and kid friendly cooking competitions like Ben’s Beginners. Creating and entering your own signature dish will give kids a boost of confidence in and out of the kitchen.

10) Rock out as you cook! Blast some of your kids favorite songs as you cook away. Jive to the music as you give your kid the instructions.

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