Cold and Flu Relief

Cold and Flu Relief

It is tough to get through winter without getting a cold. We are amping up our vitamins, green foods, and getting as much rest as possible as well as getting ready in case we do get sick. Here are some of our favorite tools to fight the cold and flu this season.


UviCube: We recently discovered an interesting way to keep babies safe from germs by eliminating 99.9% of harmful bacteria using ultraviolet (UV) light technology. Using the UviCube, you can easily dry, disinfect and store baby bottles, pacifiers and sippy cups while also safely sanitizing mobile phones and electronics. Not only fantastic for cleaning, it is also a huge space saver where there is no system to prepare or maintain.


EZC Pak: A physician-formulated five-day immune support pack is composed of organic Echinacea, zinc, and vitamin C conceived as a tangible solution to reduce inappropriate antibiotic prescribing and use. Created by Dr. Sarath Malepati, a Los Angeles-based physician and Medical Director of the PPC Group, EZC Pak was designed as a tool to help relieve patient pressure for unnecessary prescriptions, while maintaining or improving patient satisfaction by supporting the immune system. This is NOT an antibiotic replacement, but rather a product created to reduce inappropriate antibiotic use in order to help preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics when they are medically necessary. EZC Pak is available online at for $19.99 and will be available at additional online retailers and an expanding number of physical stores in early 2015.


Boogie Wipes: For little noses, we love BoogieWipes. They work to soothe runny noses when germs strike thanks to its addition of saline that works to dissolve mucus. They are also super portable to treat runny noses wherever you may be.


Immunity Booster: Boost your immunity this winter with antioxidants zinc and vitamin C. We love the Immunity Booster from Twinlab that supports your body's innate and adaptive defenses.*


Kinsa Smart Thermometer: When your child's head is warm, we love using the simple, accurate and easy-to-use Kinsa Smart Thermometer. As a smartphone-connected device designed specifically with moms in mind, will do much more than just take your child’s temperature, the Kinsa Smart Thermometer works to deliver a precise and inexpensive way to detect a fever. It works by connecting to any smart phone where you place its thin, flexible, and comfortable thermometer into your child's mouth where you then get an accurate temperature reading is revealed in seconds. Additionally, it comes with a free mobile app that lets you stay connected to current health concerns in your area – in real-time. This allows you to associate symptoms, save history and share them with private groups (like your your kids’ daycare class). It even allows you to schedule the next urgent care appointment at a facility close to home, or send photos to your doctor for an immediate response. Another cool feature for parents is that you can create a private community and view the symptoms and illnesses going around that particular group - allowing you to have a health map to better understand your child and pass along this information to their doctor.

Check out the video of the Kinsa in action:

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