Slippers for Christmas Morning

christmas slippers for kids

I've always been a slippers girl. Even as a wee one, my mama said I loved lounging in my pjs and slippers. That must be why she started our family's favorite holiday tradition of giving each other pajamas on Christmas Eve. And more often than not, those packages contain a pair of slippers. Nothing beats slipping your tootsies into a pair of soft, fuzzy slippers before you go see what Santa's left under the tree! Just saying.

Until recently, my five year old wanted no part of slippers. For some reason he changed his mind this year and now he's totally on the slipper train, so you can bet he'll be opening a pair on Christmas Eve too! And his little sister is already into all forms of footwear. She even brings me her Mary Janes to put on OVER her footie pajamas. Haha! So, slippers are definitely headed her way too. Is there anything cutie than a toddler running around in jammies and slippers? Methinks not!

Plus, we're headed to the Blue Ridge Mountains for Christmas, and it gets COLD in my family's home up there. I would bet a good many of you will be having a white Christmas too, so, I've rounded up a slew of super cute slippers sure to keep your kiddos' cute little feet toasty warm!

Whether you're slipper shopping for your baby or your tween, I've got you covered with these darling offerings from Western Chief Kids (available at Washington Shoe Company), Gymboree and Hanna Andersson! Now your little cherubs won't have to brave those cold wood floors with their bare feet. Happy holidays!

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