Chic Haircuts for Kids at Appleseeds


On my weekly rounds of all things hip and cool for families, I stopped in Appleseeds. Appleseeds has a large indoor play space which is what seems to attracts most families. I am drawn to the little extras.

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First of all I adore that the space is on street level (my kids attend NY Kids Club and the elevator has been broken for SIX WEEKS!)--there is no hassle getting in and out of the building with a sleepy tot nestled in a stroller.

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I also ran into my friend Carole Kimberg--she moved from her post at Pomme in Brooklyn to a swank new set up in the front area of Appleseeds. You don' need a membership or class registration to get your child a great haircut. Simply call for an appointment or stop in. Carole did the "first trim" for both my girls and we adore her. She's got a lovely little carve-out salon in the Appleseeds shop. Kids get to watch video while Carole snips and shapes. Parents can peruse the shop's offerings (love the Schleich animals and Appaman clothing selection).

Twin Discount: When both twins get their hair cut, Twin "B" receives 50% off.

Haircuts: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday
$25 members $28 non-members
10 West 25th
Flat Iron District, NYC
Appointments can be made via phone (212.792.7590 x216)

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