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Celebrate National Craft Month

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Happy National Craft Month! So many kids are connected to tech that they might miss this fun family day. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Common Sense Media, children have already used an iPad, iPhone or similar touch-screen device to play games, watch videos or use other apps and the average amount of time children spend using these devices has tripled.

With such a large amount of children in the U.S. using electronic devices for education and entertainment, the developmental and bonding advantages that come from family oriented, hands on craft projects have been lost.

To celebrate some simple crafts, we are sharing some ideas from Jenni Radosevich of I SPY DIY and Rowenta, the leading manufacturer in high-quality garment care, who shared some craft projects the whole family will love.

5 Minute Graphic DIY Kids Tee

5 Minute Graphic DIY Kids Tee

What you need: 

What to do: 

  • Cut out your transfer
  • Place on your T, face down (flipped from the way shown)
  • Iron for 1-2 min evenly, then let cool for 30 seconds
  • Pull off paper backing slowly to reveal the design.

DIY Heart / Punctuation Pillow

Heart and Punctuation DIY Pillow 2
Heart and Punctuation DIY Pillow

What you need:

What to do:

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  • Fold your Iron-on material in half (shiny side facing out)
  • Draw a half of a heart
  • Cut out
  • Position on your pillow, and using your Rowenta iron at medium heat, iron over the shiny side.
  • After ironing the heart evenly for 5 minutes, peel off the clear backing, and let cool.

DIY Confetti Art

What You Need:

Confetti Art DIY 2
Confetti Art DIY

What to do:

  • First, punch holes in the vinyl paper with the paper puncher
  • Gather the dots and place on your drawing paper (make sure the shiny side of the vinyl paper is up)
  • Next place your pillow case on top of the dots and use your Rowenta iron on medium heat to adhere the dots to the paper.
  • Cut the paper down to fit inside the matte.
  • Put into the frame and display.

DIY Welcome Mat

Welcome Mat DIY 2
Welcome Mat DIY

What you need:

  • Natural Coir Mat
  • Fabric Paint
  • Roller brush and tray
  • Paint Brush
  • Vinyl sticker letters
  • Rowenta Eco Iron
  • Painter’s Tape

What to do: 

  • First tape off the edges of your mat, I measured buy doing two pieces from the edge.
  • Next lay down your vinyl sticker letters to spell out your message
  • Using the roller paint the uncovered spots
  • Peal off your letters and the tape around the edges
  • With a paintbrush add a pop of color
  • After it dries, place a piece of fabric like a pillow case over the painted sections and iron on medium heat to seal the paint so it does not brush off on your guest’s shoes. Use Rowenta’s Eco Iron and save engergy while DIYing!

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