Casual Fashion from Van Wright


Fashion is not just for moms, but it is for everyone in the family. A company called van Wright is proving that even Dad's want in on the fashion fun.


A partnership of three fathers, who work to establish a brand for the modern family lifestyle, van Wright focuses on casual fashions where different items can match/complement each other, and can still be worn individually. This includes a collection of fun and vibrant clothing for babies and kids as well as adults.


Some of our favorite pieces include cute family sets like the Le Kex for Mama and Papa, the Golden Truth Kids' T-Shirt for Two, Complete Set for Babies and the History for Mum and Dad. They also offer shirts and bags separately like the inconvenient Truth and the fun van Wright family bag.

Offering connection through matching clothing as well as chic styles for the family, van Wright has a fun collection of clothing that is fun and lively for today's modern and chic family.

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