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And I don't mean that cute little bag you packed on your babymoon. I'm talking about the little bundle you're going to be hauling around town after birth. Expecting moms are going to need think about how to care for baby post-pregnancy. Slings and marsupial-style baby carriers are ideal for the first few months. I've been testing these out for a year now and have some strong opinions.

I never really considered myself a "sling gal" prior to my second daughter's birth. The sling always conjured up this earth mother image that didn't work for me. I started to see the light when I stumbled uponSakura Bloom. Their PR rep sent me images of their gorgeous silk fabrics--maybe I was a sling gal. Sigh--it was not to be. Priced over $300, these are for A-listers! Slings would have to wait. I really became a convert when I tested out the Peanut Shell Sling. Stretchy and comfortable this sling is my newborn's top pick of places to hang out. They have cute cotton prints that are anything but matronly. Plus, the price is right $49

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Since my husband likes to share the proverbial load, we also have a M1 carrier from Lascal. Most men won't be caught dead wearing a sling, but they'll happily don a carrier like this. The M1 can handle up to 30 lbs and has tremendous lower back support. The anti-bacterial fabric breathes beautifully to keep baby and daddy from getting sweaty. I'll also opt for this one for long walks and I love the fun color combos--black plus bright hues like blue, red and green. All the engineering expertise will run you $130.

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