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Great Gift #23

Maybe you can leave this post on your browser for your significant other to discover today as her/she darts out to do last minute shopping. Verizon's got a terrific new Samsung camera phone called the FlipShot that's perfect for capture kiddie antics and sharing them.

It you hunt hard, you may be able to find this camera in the flashy red color. If not, scoop up a black version. The camera is slim and easy to tuck into the smallest puree or pocket. Not only does it look great, but it's got a 3.0 megapixel camera built into the phone for sharp detailed pictures. Unlike the tradition flip phones, the FlipShot has a rotating display allowing the photographer to snap the best possible picture.

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It's got all the other features mom's need: Bluetooth technology & speakerphone (because we all know it's impossible to hold the phone and a squirmy toddler at the same time), a 500 entry phone book, caller ID (to avoid pesky calls from salesmen) and a simple set-up guide (who's got time to read a manual the size of War and Peace!). The camcorder can take up to 30 second clips of the kids at a recital or simply being irresistible. Pick it up at most Verizon Wireless stores and you'll be making someone very happy this Christmas. $199.99

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