Sleeping Bags and Camping Gear for Kids

Sleeping Bags

Summer camps are a fun rite of passage for some kids, and with the excitement of that time away also comes a long packing list. One of the items on our list is sleeping bags that cover functionality and style for our kids. Here are few of our finds for this week:

1. Penny Wise Mum has the scoop on the 10 best sleeping bags for kids featuring brands like Outwell Butterfly Girl, Gelert Snooze and Vango.

2. Queen Bee Coupons has the rundown on the best kids' camping gear from the Clymb that offers vivid colors and an affordable price.

3. Mommie 911 covered the cutest styles from Heartsong featuring some fun prints like a monkey with banana, puppy with bone and a bunny with a carrot that little kids will love.

4. We love the collection of bags Camping Tourist with their focus on eco-friendly and innovative sleeping bags.

Getting kids to love the outdoors isn't easy. "Kids we are going to head into the woods with the bugs, no electricity and you can't bring toys!" Tough sell. How about, "We'll roast marshmallows, make our own tepee, tell ghost stories and play tug-o-war." Easy sell.

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To generate camping excitement and make sure the virgin voyage into the wild is a success, I suggest Camp Out!: The Ultimate Kids' Guide ($9.37). Author Lynn Brunelle has tips for everything. You'll fin plenty of practical items, such as how to tie a fashionable bandanna on one's head (p.114) and outdoor bathing tips. Then there is the fun stuff: creating seed and petal pictures (p.280) a guide to the constellations and lyrics to camp songs. The illustrations (in black and white mostly) are wonderfully kid-centric. This is a must for any family that plans to head into the wild with kids. That goes for backyard camping too!

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