Budsies Turns Kids Art into Stuffed Animals #cuteoverload

Budsies Turns Kids Art into Stuffed Animals

We just discovered the cutest way to transform your kids' art into something super functional! Enter Budsies, a unique way to turn your kids' art into a customized plush toy. Not only does this encourage and reward creativity, your kids' can literally see their masterpieces come to life.


It is also incredibly easy to have their own personalized toy. Simply upload a picture of your kids' art work. They send you an email to confirm if the look is ok and then it is sent right to your door.

We recently tried this with my daughters' art where we uploaded a picture of a self-portrait she made at school. I was mesmerized by her art and we were so excited to turn her creations into a stuffed animal. It was a painless process that only involved us waiting.

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Once we received the stuffed toy, my daughter was elated as she looked into the eyes of something she created. She calls it her name and has been sleeping with it ever since.

We love this as a thoughtful gift idea that makes kids feel unique and special while they showcase the magic of their own creations that they will treasure for years to come.

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