"Brianne In The City": Canon's Big Moment & Jacadi Paris Storytime

canon big moment

Momtrends experienced Canon's The Big Moment with the world's smallest and lightest DSLR, hosted by the New York City Ballet last week. Canon just released the world's smallest and lightest camera ever called EOS Rebel SL1. Throughout the day all guests were able to use this new and innovative camera to capture their "Big Moments".


We began our day at Lincoln Center, meeting the New York City principle dancers in George Balanchine's The Nutcracker: Abi Stafford, Jared Angle and Daniel Ulbrich. Daniel taught the small group of writers a mini dance class. I was a ballerina when I was younger and haven't practiced since. Some of the moves came right back to me; but it definitely felt more of a workout since I was so out of practice. Next, we enjoyed dancers Abi and Jared perform a dance from The Nutcracker's Sugar Plum, while being able to capture their "Big Moments" on camera.

The Nutcracker NYC ballet

Using the new Canon EOS Rebel SL1 was a dream. It's so lightweight you will forget you have a DSLR in your hand, not joking. The quality of photos were incredible and new features like their fun filters which include: black&white, fisheye, are all accessible via touch screen. I own a Canon T3i but found the SL1 way more user friendly but same quality of the photos.

After our lunch, we toured backstage the David Koch Theatre at Lincoln Center, being able to capture photos of different props used in The Nutcracker and what it looks like for the dancers rather than the audience. And finally our day ended with a matinee performance of The Nutcracker. The performance was stunning and absolutely a dream experience. I have seen other versions of The Nutcracker but nothing quit like this! It was breathtaking and just pure beauty and talent on stage. I cannot wait to take my children to see this stellar performance! I will never forget this amazing experience!

For more information on Canon's new Rebel SL1 visit www.canon.com 

story time with jacadi paris

An authentic and timeless children's fashion brand, Jacadi looks to history to reinvent the present and re-enchant the best of our childhood. Jacadi is the ambassador brand for high-end children's fashion. With over 270 stores and three online shops, their expertise in the French tradition reaches more than 35 countries. Jacadi is working to make a better world for growing children.

Jacadi Paris

Jacadi’s brand new Flatiron store hosted readings of "The Bear and the Sun" by Paul-Jacques Bonzon. It’s an imaginative children’s tale in the French tradition, that took place every Saturday up till Christmas. Traditional French treats and drinks were served to give New York children an authentic Parisian experience – their first taste of France! Parents enjoyed a mix of exquisite Nespresso café and scrumptious macaroons.

The events coincide with Jacadi’s biggest sale of the year. Visitors will enjoy 30% off many of their favorite Jacadi styles. Escape the cold this holiday shopping season. Drop by for a taste of France suitable for any age.

For more information on Jacadi Paris stores and locations visit www.jacadi.us

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