Breastfeeding Storage Solutions

Breastfeeding Storage Solutions

Having gone back to work when my baby was two months old, I had to create a pumping schedule. It wasn't easy at first, but I have gotten into a groove of pumping and nursing and one major reason it has all worked is because I found the ultimate storage solution from Kiinde.

They recently launched a new starter kit called the Kiinde Twist Breastfeeding Essentials Kit. This includes twist pouches, direct-pump adapters, squeeze natural feeding bottle, active latch nipples, a nipple brush and a gift back.


How it works is you attach the Direct-Pump™ adapters to ANY breastpump where your breastmilk goes directly into their compact Kiinde Twist Pouches. Through this innovative system you will no spillage or leaking since you are essentially pumping, storing, organizing, warming, and feeding using the same pouch!


Right after I pump all I have to do is label he bags with the date and then use the organizer, which allows the bags to lay flat. I love this since it doesn't take up much room in our fridge or freezer and makes it easy to store. Another cool feature is you can use their Active Latch nipple™ so you never have to transfer (or lose) any breast milk from the pouches. These bottles also feature Active Latch technology that makes it easy to transition between bottle and breast.


An incredible gift for a new mom, the Breastfeeding Essentials Kit is a great way for new moms to pump, store, organize and have a messy-free way to pump. Breast milk storage has never been easier!

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