Breastfeeding on the Go


One of my favorite war stories from motherhood involves breastfeeding on a subway. I was on the way home from a play date that ran late and my daughter woke up hungry and screaming on the F train. An irrefutable benefit of breastfeeding is its portability. While we here at Momtrends see beauty in the simplicity of breastfeeding, we also want to arm you with information to make your outings the best they can be for you and baby.

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You may not end up in the same predicament as I, but you'll likely need to be ready to feed outside of your secure and clean home. I was about 30 minutes from home, so I simply tucked my daughter discretely under a breastfeeding cover I had with me. I was slightly embarrassed but also empowered that I could fulfill her needs with nothing more than my boob. Just about every mom has her own tale of triumph and many moms don't feel the need for a cover-up.

Unlike bottle-feeding, breastfeeding allows you freedom to feed baby without having to mix formula or lug along prepared bottles. That said, ideally you'll be able to give baby a clean feeding surface (I found that my sweaty skin in the summer led to a rash on my baby's face--so try to wipe your breast down with a clean cloth before feeding) so use a wipe on you before feeding.

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I hope the business owners out there didn't stop reading this post half way through. Because here's the scoop for you. If your shop, restaurant, bank etc. provides a clean, quiet spot for breastfeeding moms, we'll pay you back with our loyalty (findings from BBIC). We don't necessarily want to feed on the subway, but there aren't always appealing alternatives.

Of course a good nursing bra or tank makes all the difference in the world. Bras like the Allure from Bravado feature cups that drop fully and easily away from the breast to promote skin-to-skin contact with baby, and signature B-Clips that lie flat under clothing and provide one-handed nursing access. Amen to not needing two hands! The right bra can turn a stressful situation with a hungry squawking baby into a quick and easy feeding session.

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Bravado is a paid sponsor, but does not control editorial content. All breastfeeding advice and musings are those of the editorial staff. Momtrends encourages all moms to try breastfeeding, but if it doesn't work for your family we still think you are a fabulous mama. These posts may not be reproduced without consent of Momtrends, but do feel free to link away.

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