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Bra and Swimsuit Fitting at Intimacy Bra Fit Stylists

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Bra sizing has always been a mystery for women. Our sizes go up and down and change with child-birth where we end up wearing bras that are too big, too small and just pain uncomfortable. To better understand our size and how to shop for a bra, Momtrends hosted a small event with Intimacy Bra Fit Stylists where we received a comfort fitting and learned more about the bras that work for our individual bodies.

Held at their Madison Avenue location, a small group of bloggers enjoyed a custom fitting where they got the chance to experience an incredible fitting with the knowledgeable team at Intimacy.

Intimacy Bras
Intimacy Bra Fit Stylist
Intimacy Bra Fit Stylist

At this gorgeous location, guests were greeted with a collection of lacy and comfortable bras as well as bathing suits in all sorts of shapes and colors. Typically, this means picking out your favorite item and thinking you know your size. At Intimacy, you are given a personal experience where a Bra Fit Stylist joins you in the dressing room to discuss what bra styles that you typically wear as they assess your cup, shape and size. They do this without a traditional measuring tape where my fit stylist gave my a size that was completely different from what I usually purchase - actually two cup sizes different! 

With over 90 bra sizes (A to K cup) from the world’s best curated brands, the Bra Fit Specialists at Intimacy have everything you need to better understand your bra size.

Intimacy Bra Fit Stylist

During my fitting my Bra Fit Specialist came in with around 10 styles as she asked me questions about how they all felt. I was immediately surprised at just how comfortable they were as she explained some tricks and tips about bras.

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1. The breast expands from the side closest to the armpit all around to the chest.

2. You shouldn’t wear a bra two days in a row.

3. The bra back should be as low as the bottom of the front of the bra. It felt weird sitting that low on my back but it was much better fitting.

4. Bras should be cleaned in lingerie bags and not with your other clothes.

5. You should go back for a fitting every six months (especially after child-birth) since breast size can change.


After the fitting I left the room feeling more comfortable, and generally more confident as I found a bra that fit me and better understood my size! Other bloggers in attendance were equally as excited as they checked out the latest (and fashionable) bra trends. They also have an incredible selection of bathing suits in a fun collection of styles and colors that make you feel comfortable and beautiful as you are basking in the sun this summer.

Intimacy Bra Fit Stylist

A fun morning of conversation and bra education, we learned how easy (and fun!) it is to get fitted as we all felt better and more confident leaving the doors of Intimacy.

For your own bra sit stylist reservation, please visit:

Disclosure: Momtrends was not paid for this post.Many thanks to Intimacy Bra Fit Stylist for making the event possible. 

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