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Book Club Pick: Savage Park by Amy Fusselman

Book Club Pick: Savage Park

Living in the present is one of the most challenging concepts new moms struggle with during the first year. With each milestone children achieve, there are more just around the corner waiting to be accomplished. By the time our little ones are toddlers, expectations shift towards socialization skills like sharing and playing with others. These important concepts lead us to teaching our children about the many dangers and risks associated with the space in which they play.

Recently, Momtrends had the opportunity to chat with Amy Fusselman concerning this very topic. Her new release, Savage Park: A Meditation on Play, Space, and Risk for Americans Who Are Nervous, Distracted, and Afraid to Die is a fresh take on this growing trend to embrace being in the moment. A quick read with plenty of anecdotes and experiences, this title deserves a spot on your 2015 must-read list.

MT: What sparked your interest to share your meditation on play, space, and risk?

Amy: When I visited Hanegi Playpark in Tokyo, it was so staggering to me. I felt it demanded an exploration for how it existed and why these places are not available to us in the United States.

MT: While visiting Japan, how did the cultural differences influence your approach to parenting?

Amy: I feel I was constantly in a guessing mode while still being aware that I was a mother. I tried to adapt to the new culture and to my host without offending. I wanted to do the right thing.

MT: How can moms help their kids to embrace living in the present?

Amy: Parents feel the constant time pressure of being over-scheduled. A great way to bring yourself into the present is to embrace the opportunity to play.

MT: How does technology affect a child's interpretation of play?

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Amy: Play and technology are so intertwined now. Game designers are asking really interesting questions about play. I think we are learning about the benefits and drawbacks as we explore this new territory.

MT: As moms, how may we become more aware of the space around us?

Amy: I think it all comes back to mindfulness. It's a new kind of environmental awareness and we can start where we are.

MT: What was the most significant take-away from this project?

Amy:I believe strongly in the importance of play, and I am devoted to making play happen for myself and my family.

To learn more about Amy's new book Savage Park: A Meditation on Play, Space, and Risk for Americans Who Are Nervous, Distracted, and Afraid to Die, please stop by your favorite bookstore, library branch, or online book retailer.

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