Blogger Brunch with Sophie Nelisse of the Book Thief

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A few days ago I had the unique experience of having brunch with the young starlet, Sophie Nélisse. As star of The Book Thiefa lot has changed in the life of this 15-year-old - since she took the role of young Liesel (check out our past review here).

The Book Thief

During a brunch of french toast, fruit and eggs at Norma's in NYC, Sophie chatted with our intimate group about the acclaim of the movie and how she thought the role was "rich" and "unique" where she prepared by learning all about the Holocaust and watching movies to better understand this time in history.

The Book Thief

Despite the seriousness of the role, it was incredibly refreshing to hear how very much a teenager Sophie is who loves instagram, Leonardo DiCaprio and enjoying time with family and friends, who she says keeps her grounded. She came across as being very down-to-earth and excited about her life as an actress who has dreams to also write and direct one day. She also noted that she thinks so much of Hollywood is ridiculous where "rich people get free stuff all the time - it doesn't make sense!" It is for that reason that her and family choose to stay in Montreal and travel for apprioriate roles that can fit into her school schedule (as well as roles that she feels passionate about).

As a family movie that depicts such a tumtulouts time in history, we love the Book Thief as a family movie that is rooted in telling an incredible story as seen through such a young talent.

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We were given a complimentary brunch and DVD.

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