Black Friday Safety Tips

Black Friday Shopping Tips

We hope you are all enjoying your family time and delicious Thanksgiving dinner. With this holiday also means that people are getting ready to gear up for some major Black Friday deals.

That being said, Black Friday also brings a unique set of dangers and potential disasters to the holiday table, and this year promises to be no different. Stressful economic and political times equal shoppers with even shorter fuses and higher levels of deal desperation. To help us out we are sharing some insightful safety tips from self-defense specialist, Jarrett Arthur on how to stay safe this Black Friday.

Black Friday Safety Tips:

  • Pay attention to your surroundings
  • Check your ego at the door
  • Have an escape plan and a pre-determined meeting place with family
  • Crowds are dangerous
  • Parking lots and vehicles are prime territory for bad guys (and gals)

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