Best Ice Cream and Shakes in NYC


Happy National Ice Cream Month! One way to cool down is with a delicious scoop (or two) of ice cream. Living in NYC, we are lucky to have many options where we can indulge in this sweet treat and made picking the best place even easier with their “Summer Meltdown Ice Cream Challenge.” Through the challenge a team from ordered ice cream from dozens of top restaurants and ice cream shops in New York City - testing for consistency, temperature and taste, and even if it is possible to order cold treats online.

The places that came out on top to deliver cold, composed and perfect-temperature ice cream and shakes in NYC include:
1. Tasti D-Lite: Home of the creamy dairy dessert enjoyed by shape-conscious New Yorkers.

2. Pinkberry: Their menu includes frozen yogurt in original and seasonal flavors.

3. Kool Bloo: Known for good food for every mood, Kool Bloo offers ice cream flavors including mint chocolate chip, vanilla and chocolate, as well as extra thick swirl shakes.

4. Stand 4: Along with their renowned burgers, Stand 4 serves up premium gelato shakes that stayed ice cold upon delivery.

5. BBQ Pit: Their signature shakes such as the “Corvette” (chocolate and coffee malted shake) stood up to the summer heat.

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