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Beauty & Beyond: The Perfect Top Knot

Perfect Top Knot, hair trends

Very rarely do I read what celebs have in their purse. I barely know what I have in mine, so why would I care what someone else is carrying in their covetable $14K Birkin.

But in the case of serious pool-itis, I grabbed a ton of glossies and sat by the pool indulging in a "me time" moment over People, US Weekly, etc.

It was here that I saw a certain celeb (I honestly can’t remember who…they all look alike after a while, don't they?) had something called The Wrap Up in her bag for instant perfect top knots. Since I'm always trying to recreate the perfect bun, I was intrigued. Is there something on this planet that actually creates this desired that looks effortless but seems to take...effort? It turns out there are three things...

The first little hair helper is from Sarah Potempa, and I was immediately on the hunt for one. Glad I found one, because this is the tool of the century. A squishy six-inch material-over-metal form, it's a fool’s ticket to top knot and low bun paradise. You just open it, slide you hair through, roll and tuck. The tucking was the most complicated part, since it took me a while to figure out how to hide the bottom of the Wrap Up. But since it comes in a few different colors to blend with your hair shade, it really wasn’t that big of a deal. As long as the giant hot pink "S" for Sarah didn't show through. Because as you know, Cheryl begins with a C, not an S. No need for random lettering.

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To ready my hair for this elegant style, I straightened it with the new Revlon Hydrasmooth. This is genius - a steamer for your hair. I always thought that was a missed opportunity, a steam iron for straightening. And here it is, in all its glory. In 30 seconds it heats up and steam is released from the straightener plates as you flat iron, which gives them a little boost of hydration while smoothing frizz. If it works on wrinkles in your silk, why not your silky locks?

Once my top knot was in place, I wrestled with those dangling pieces by with the help of the new line of hair accessories from Vidal Sassoon. Since I’m still growing out a bang fiasco (we all have had one), my sexy-sweep-to-the-side pieces are still kinda in-my-eye pieces. Sure Grip Clix to the rescue. They have great holding power because of these unique comb teeth under the main barrette. Just slide them into the offending section of hair and click them down into place. Several natural colors mean you can have them disappear or be part of your ‘do.

There you have it - a trio of helpers for your top knot. Now if you need any more advice, I'll be at the pool. Sneaking peeks into more celeb beach bags.

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