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Beauty & Beyond: Fab Finds for Spring

I’ve been using SkinCeuticals on under my eyes for years. Their rich Eye Balm helps when I wake up and look like I’m going on vacation because I clearly have a few "bags" packed.

skin Collage

When I heard that they launched a body line that shows a little love to the often neglected areas, I was thrilled. Think age spots on your hands, sagging knees, droopy skin on your post-baby belly. Yes, I can deal with bags but I don't abide by sags.

Body Correct is a collection of three products designed to tighten, rejuvenate and brighten skin in problem spots like the abs, butts, thighs, knees, upper arms, neck, chest and hands. Bottom line: They undo what time has done (think environmental damage, collagen breakdown and slower cell turnover) as well as whatcha did (yes, we mean neglect and improper skincare). All of these things accelerate visible aging, and last time I checked, that's something you don't want.

First off is the Body Tightening Concentrate, which blends 2.5% tripeptide, 5% yeast extract and 2% hydrolyzed rice protein to tighten sagging skin on the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, knees and upper arms. This light fluid helps counteract the visible effects of collagen breakdown from having babies (holla!), loosing weight and having gravity pulling on you all the time. I will be using this on my stomach, thank you very much.

Then there's the Neck, Chest and Hand Repair, a formula created specifically for thinner skin to improve crepiness and discoloration with 1% hydroxyphenoxy propionic acid, 4% sodium tetrahydrojasmonate and 3% vigna aconitifolia. No more old lady hands and sagging neck, since age spots fade and skin is plumper, tighter and more even-toned.

The Body Retexturing Treatment is for that pesky rough, dry skin on your arms, elbows, legs and knees. A combo of exfoliation and hydration, it contains 17% hydroxyethyl urea and aminosulfonic acid compound, 4% niacinamide and hyaluronic acid.

I'm going to correct my body this spring. And then maybe I just might pack some actual bags for a bikini-clad beach vacation.

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The Body Correct range is available at select skincare professionals' offices nationwide and

The runways are facing spring with gorgeous gem tones (perhaps to offset all that black and white or bring out the pops of color in the floral prints). So to be a part of this bright and beautiful, I began looking for a nice bright blue. I have a ton of green (thanks to Pantone’s colors of the year), but a nice strong blue is hard to find. That is, hard to find without reaching into the depths of country music and pulling out a Dolly Parton sanctioned pale shade or perhaps an ‘80s electric number from a pop singer's makeup case.

liner Collage

I went to all the counters at all the department stores. Nothing. Then my search was over with a fantastic liquid liner from DeVita Natural Skin Care, a line of all-natural and vegan-certified skincare and makeup. Their definedLINES Liquid Eyeliner in Lapis Blue is exactly what I was looking for--a deep cobalt blue that brightens my eyes and is as dramatic as you please. It goes on very smooth and is incredibly fast drying (so much so that when I got some on my fingers and waited a sec to wipe it off, I had to grab the makeup remover).

Since it’s chemical-free, it does need a little kick start sometimes. Note: if you find your pen is going dry, just use a single drop of distilled water to refresh the color.

They also just launched their new |ab-so-lute| minerals Moisture Tints, a vegan and natural BB cream with moisturizers, sunscreen, enlightening pigments and age defying ingredients like pomegranate extract, Japanese green tea, hyaluronic acid and grape seed extract. It's a smooth formula that isn't as thick as some of those other BBs can be.

Although one might say I'm a little "blue" about the upcoming storm, at least now I'm ready to keep my eyes on the prize - spring!

Devita is available at

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