Beach Bag Essentials for Moms


There is nothing like heading to the beach unprepared. I think after five years of forgetting things, I have finally come up with a master list. First things first, you need a beach bag that can literally hold it all, especially when carrying along kids. I found a Lavand Straw Bag that is perfect for visits to the pool or beach. Yet, it's big enough to hold every and has a stylish look as well.

beach bag essentials

Some must haves for every moms to have on hand are sunblock. CeraVe makes a wonderful sunblock save to use on my children as well as myself. I sometimes get so caught up with putting cream on my kids and usually forget about myself. But with their face stick, its easy and quick to apply. Plus, the invisible zinc makes for no white mess and is also super safe for the kids.

Bandaids are always in my bag as well because you always want to be prepared for any slips and falls. Another magic trick I think every mother knows, to get sandy feet or bums clean, use Johnson & Johnson baby powder. A game changer that has helped my children swim are these Puddle Jumpers by Stearns swimmies. Its added chest support encourages the right swim figure. They are also US Coast Guard approved.

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I have also come to learn that I should always pack a bib and found these adorable ones by BamButcho. She has a lovely shop on Etsy, and I just love the double sided coverage. And my family's favorite water shoe is, of course Crocs. These water proof and slip proof shoes are always easy to take on and off and makes getting sandy shoes clean like a breeze.

Find out more summer time beach bag essentials on my video on the Momtrends YouTube channel...

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