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Rock-A-Bye Baby: Bassinets & Cradles We Love


While your babe may eventually sleep in a crib through the night, having a bassinet or cradle next to your bed or in your living room while she is little can provide a convenient way to keep your little one close and comfortable. From inexpensive to drool-worthy, simple to showy, I've gathered up some of my favorite bassinets and cradles.

Designer Bassinets and Cradles

Let's start with the show-stoppers. These gorgeously designed, head-turning cradles are not for the style-shy.... or the thrifty. They'll cost you a pretty penny, but are statement pieces with drool-worthy design details. {Hushamok Sustainable Beechwood Okoa Stand & Organic Cotton Hammock, BabyHome So-Ro, Offi Nest Bassinet}

best bassinets for baby

These beauties are what catch my eye. Simple and streamlined, these cradles look comfy and calming for baby and the look for the nursery. My favorite is the Monte Design's bassinet with striking color contrast, a super-thick pad, and the ability to remove the plush insert to use as a Moses basket around the house. {BabyBjorn Cradle, Cariboo Gentle Motions Cradle, Monte Design Ninna Nanna Bassinet, BabyHome Dream Cot}

Guava Family.jpg

Another favorite is the new Lotus Bassinet from the Guava Family. This breathable bassinet is wonderful for baby as it allows for full airflow and an unobstructed view of the child. The bassinet is also bed height so you can see right into the bassinet and it is also gently rockable as it creates a soothing motion to lull your baby to sleep. We also love how once a child outgrows it, it can be converted into the Lotus Everywhere Crib with an additional conversion kit available from Guava Family. It also easily folds where the case can even go right on your back- making travel super easy for life with baby!

favorite bassinets for baby

Looking for a classic cradle? These wooden rockers are just perfect. I'm a sucker for dark wood, but if you like lighter woods or painted white, most of these models come in a variety of finish choices. Plus most cost under $200. {babyletto Bowery Bassinet, Allegro Cradle, DaVinci Futura Cradle, Sorelle Dondola Gliding Cradle}

Did you use a bassinet or cradle that you loved? Let us know below!

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