Basic Classic Pieces for Kids


When it comes to building your children's wardrobes, as fun as statement pieces are, it's important to first focus on classic basics that will serve as the foundation for their entire wardrobe.

Basic classic pieces can be layered, styled with statement pieces or stand just fine on their own. I'm a big fan of multi-tasking in all phases of my life, as I'm sure all you busy mamas are, so having pieces that can be styled a variety of ways is very important me.


Neutrals like denim, navy and grey are very on trend this fall/winter. Gumdrop Kids has a wide range of lovely, quality pieces in these shades. Pieces, so classic, in fact, they'll be easily passed down to younger siblings someday! Pair any one of these tops or sweaters with a great pair of skinny jeans or cords and you'll have an instantly chic look!


For play wear, My by Melijoe offers super soft, comfy clothes like tees and tanks in basic solids. They come in a convenient pack of three and are a great staple to add to any kid's closet as they're perfect for layering! You never know when the heat is going to be cranked up too high somewhere, so having cute staples underneath their winter outfits, means your kids can cool down by losing a layer or two and still look great!


While solids are great basics, they certainly aren't a requirement to be considered a classic. Stripes are quite versatile too and can be styled as part of a mixed prints set which is always fun. The organic solid AND striped pieces from Agatha Cub are just darling and are another great way to fill out your child's wardrobe!

So, remember, when you're out there shopping this season, don't forget to sprinkle in a good amount of basics in with your kiddos' special pieces!

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