Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths


Anyone who lives an active lifestyle knows that while getting all the activity in that we need to be healthy is doing what's best for our bodies, it can leave us feeling less than fresh. If a shower isn't an option, and we need to smell and feel fresh, what do we do? Well, we are excited to share the latest beauty buzz about the latest must-have beauty product that's going to rock your world!


EnterBan Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths. This revolutionary product will do the trick with one simple wipe. They include PowderSilk™ technology imported exclusively from Japan that leaves a translucent, superfine powder on your skin. After using Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths, your skin will be left smooth, with no icky sticky residue. No girl wants to go about her day-to-day business feeling sticky...Am I right?

Perfect for summer, this product is something you'll want to keep in your handbag, in your gym bag, when you travel, and even on your nightstand. No matter where you are when you need a little freshening up, Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths' convenient on the go packaging makes it possible for you to reinvigorate your skin anywhere!

Raise your hand if you've ever had to run straight from the office to happy hour and really wanted to run home for a quick shower but couldn't. Or maybe you had a play date with your kiddos, then met your honey out for date night, but didn't have time to soak in the tub. These cloths are just what you need to make your life easier. I don't know about you lovelies, but this mama is all for anything that will make my hectic days run more smoothly!

These Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths' have been such a HIT that they're sold out virtually everywhere and can now be found on eBay. Who's ready to head over to eBay and search for them? This girl is!

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