Back-to-School with Gillette


Do you have a son heading off to college? Or maybe a nephew you're close to? Or perhaps your daughter's boyfriend is headed back to school soon? If so, I have a must have back to school product for you! Who am I kidding? Even your husbands will appreciate the GilletteFusion ProGlide with FlexBall Technology.

This innovative razor will keep the guys in your life nice and smooth. The handle adjusts and pivots to respond to the contours of a man’s face resulting in fewer missed hairs. And it uses the same blades as the Fusion ProGlide, so they can use it with the Gillette blades they already have to get an even better shave! Can you keep a secret? I just may steal my husband's Gillette Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall Technology and use it on my legs. Haha! Hey, us ladies appreciate a close shave too...Am I right?

Now for the part that's REALLY great for college kids...Gillette offers a blade refill subscription service so those young men of yours can focus on, ahem, studying and having fun instead of worrying about shopping for grooming necessities like razor blades. You aren't always going to be around to go shopping for them, so a service that will deliver the blades they need right to their door would be clutch. And then they'll have no reason not to come home for Thanksgiving with a nice, clean shave. Haha!

Not only does Gillette have amazing razors to offer, but they have a wide variety of products including shave prep (gels, foams and creams), skin care, after shaves, antiperspirants, deodorants and body wash too. If you would like more information on Gillette products, head over to And for the latest news from Gillette, you can visit

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