Baby's First Christmas Gift


A warm welcome to parenthood to all the newbies out there. And you're in luck--the first Christmas rocks! You get to stipulate when and where to see family (since you control the grandchild's schedule.) Plus, the little munchkin has no idea about Santa or holiday loot. As the Beatles sang, "All You Need is Love" and a good camera to capture pictures of baby near the tree.

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Great Gift #8

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Just for fun you'll want to get a little something for baby's first holiday and I've found something perfectly adorable and 100% affordable (put the rest of the loot in a 529 plan).

Reindeer Onesie from Giggle. Organic and fantastic, the image on this little one-piece shirt hearkens back to the day of those great 70's Christmas Specials. This "deer" gift comes packaged in a hemp-like gift bag--ready for giving. It's just for newborns sized at 3-6 months. $30 While you're there shopping, check out Giggle's incredible line of toys and clothing--they do a great job of researching product and distilling the very best gear for finicky parents.

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