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Learning of a pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in many women's lives. It is also a time of research; a time to delve into every bit of information one can get her hands on in order to make the journey to motherhood as safe and as healthy as possible. Unfortunately, trying to decode what's safe from what's not in the vast world of beauty products can be overwhelming at best.

Anna Naturals knows all about this struggle first hand and that's why these mamas created a lovely line of beauty products that are safe, effective and also smell wonderfully. I personally found that I often went without beauty care products because I couldn't find ones that suited me and that were safe and natural. I have personally tried many of the Anna Naturals products and they are in a word~ devine.

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Although originally intended for pregnant and nursing mamas, Anna Naturals are perfect for any women looking for beauty products that are safe, healthy for you and actually work. Whether you are looking for herbal teas that are organic, nourishing and effectively (and safely) offer you results or an organic exfoliating scrub that leaves your skin supple, hydrated and smelling heavenly, Anna Naturals has a natural skin care product for you. My two personal faves are the Shrink My Feet Herbal Soak and the
nighttime sugar scrub . (soaking your tired feet never looked, smelled or worked so well!)


With Anna Naturals you don't have to worry about hard to pronounce chemical names, toxic fragrances or harsh the label and you'll find natural derived extracts, essential oils (therapeutic grade), herbs and organic plants. You can feel comfortable using the products daily (and you'll want to!) whether you are pregnant, nursing, postpartum.


At Anna Naturals, we’ve developed natural skin care and organic herbal teas designed to make you feel safe using them without sacrificing taste or fragrance! Each lotion, scrub, and cream is made with ingredients found in nature that smell great! You won’t have to force down any of those herbal teas, either! Our organic skin care products and herbal teas are designed for everyday use and for use during pregnancy and postpartum.

Anna Naturals mission is to provide great-tasting, natural products to all of their customers—including women trying to conceive, pregnant women, and new moms. Anna Naturals—based in Lehi, Utah—started with one new mama. She was trying to drink the beneficial fenugreek tea to keep up her supply but the taste was hard to bear. Through trial and error, she developed the Nursing Mama blend of herbal tea, and Anna Naturals was born!

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