Americans Panic When They Leave Essentials at Home

Phone Keys Gum Campaign

What's worse than leaving your cell phone or keys at home? According to a recent survey by Trident, the only things worse than leaving these essentials behind are waiting in line at the DMV or having jury duty*.

"Our national survey found that 69 percent of people wish they had gum throughout the day, but only 23 percent regularly carry it with them," said Leslie Waller, Senior Brand Manager, Gum Communication, Mondel?z International.

To make sure this never happens again, a catchy song and dance titled, "Phone, Keys, Gum," starring Comedy Central comedian Thomas Lennon and directed by David Wain of "Role Models," will help people remember what's important."

A recent national consumer survey found that 89% of Americans check the house for their phone or keys before leaving. Despite the necessity of cell phones in today's culture, 86% of Americans believe it is worse to get locked out of the house versus forgetting their cell phone (14%).

Additionally, the majority of Americans (69%) wish they had gum during everyday occasions, including after eating (41%), when trying to avoid snacking (28%), while on a date (22%), and after drinking coffee (21%)*.

Check out this funny video, "Phone, Keys, Gum" to help you remember your essentials the next time you leave the house:

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