Accessorize your crocs with Jibbitz

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By now your kids probably own at least one pair of Crocs sandals. In fact, there are more than 26 million pairs of Crocs out there! These nifty plastic shoes are great for warm weather and are quite durable.

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We're just started added the little Jibbitz doodads onto our daughter's shoes. For about $2 it's a collectible trend most parents can affordably participate in free from guilt. What's more, I love that the company was started by a Colorado mom, Sheri Schmelzer. It's a great "momtrepreneur" story. Schmelzer got bored one day and got busy making some rhinestone and clay charms that fit into the tiny holes on her kids' Crocs. To read more, check out the CNN article on Schmelzer.

From NFL team mascots to Disney Princesses, there's probably a charm your kid will adore. The charms are widely available Jibbitz home site and on Amazon.

I'm adding the Jibbitz crab to my shopping cart right now as a memento from our Nantucket trip.

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