A breast pump that turns heads

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Yes, yes, we all know breast is best. But there was a price to pay. Medela has overcome a huge hurdle for mom's who crave style--cleverly disguising a breast pump. There latest pump--The Limited Edition Pump In Style--is a dream.

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When I was nursing my daughter, I had a hideous hospital rental breast pump. The beast weighed about 20 pounds and was so unsightly I hid it under a throw blanket. Apparently Medela discovered there were plenty of moms like me out there. For any mom who has to travel with her pump, pump at the office or simply can't stand an unattractiveappliance in her home this is a must-have device.

Don't worry, like all Medela products, it comes with all the gadgets and technology to make pumping breast milk quick, efficient and painless. In fact, this is a hospital-grade pump with plenty of power.

Unlike the hospital issue pumps, this limited edition Medela bag comes in a chic taupe tote with chocolate trim. What's more, mom's will love all the storage pockets and the comfortable handles.

It costs around $300, but as opposed to all those bridesmaid dresses you purchased and were told "you'll wear it again" you really will want to tote this bag long after your breast feeding services are no longer required.

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