Okabashi Comfortable Summertime Shoes

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Okabashi Comfortable Summertime Shoes

I have a cousin who lives in Maui. She's also writing glorious prose to me of the spectacular views, the breathtaking scenery, the perfection that has been created on its sandy coastline. And why wouldn't she brag? The Hawaiian island has been voted the "Best Island" by readers of Conde Nast Traveler for more than a dozen years.

The Maui by Okabashi is my latest fashion find and they are...just good. I know. I know. Good? That's all I could come up with? My thought...let these amazing shoes do the talking for me.

Never has so much thought gone into a casual thong shoe. They have this comfy massaging insole that really rubs your foot the right way and helps relieve foot and back pain (good for popping on after a gym workout or after a good run). They're made in Buford, GA (good for the U.S.). '

They have antimicrobial agents and are odor resistant (good to prevent bacteria), but when you do need to wash them just pop them into the dishwasher or the washing machine. Their sole has an anti-slip grip and they're water-proof (good for locker room showers). They're 100% recyclable and contain 30% recycled material (good for the planet), so even you've decided they aren't long for this world, you can toss them in the right bin...the one that helps the planet. Kinda like leaving the right footprint, isn't it.

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They also come in on-trend brights like hot pink, orange (my all-time favorite color, as you well know), turquoise as well as Georgia red, chartreuse, jade, grape, lavender and classic black (good for my fashionista). The simple design is a step above a typical flip flop, with weight to it and the ability to match pretty much any casual summer outfit.

I plan on wearing my jade pair to the beach, the gym (for aprés-workout, of course), the mall, luncheons--it's all good. And since I won't be flip-flopping it to the actual Maui this year, I would call this a better-than-good consolation.

Okabashi Maui is available for $14.99 at www.okabashi.com.

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