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Living in New York, I walk every where to get around. I need great shoes. That's why I love these comfortable and stylish sandals from ABEO.

While I use the subways for far distances I generally relay on my two feet to get me from point A to point B. My feet though have taken some beating - thanks (in part) to my poor choice of shoes in the past. Now that's it summer and I am better about wearing comfortable shoes, I have been enjoying walking even more with my new pair of ABEO sandals.


Not your typical sandal, these models are B.I.O.system sandals that are designed with a custom 3-D fit that blend a contemporary style with all-day comfort and a customized fit. While some shoes offer support and others offer fashion, I have never experienced a shoe that blended style and comfort so effortlessly. Whether I was walking my daughter to school, or walking through the city, or even on my recent jaunt to Jamaica; I wore these sandals and my feet felt incredible.

The core of shoe is The ABEO® B.I.O.system that incorporate state-of-the-art digital foot scanning technology to offer support, weight distribution, dual-density EVA insole with memory foam that conforms to your foot, and support to align your entire body. Additionally, the technology reduces shock and stress on your joints and provides a Aegis microbe shield gives long lasting protection against odor, staining and deterioration of the footbed. After wearing them for days, my feet are showing no signs of blisters or bruises, but rather feel supported and stabile. Those interested in the shoes should also come into the stores for a custom fit after an in-store scan.

After years of searching for the perfect summer shoe I finally found one in these ABEO sandals - a shoe that you can wear with a dress or wear it with jeans or shorts. It is truly a versatile shoe that finally fuses comfort and style, or as ABEO says: "The future of footwear is here."

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