Wine Without The Headache With Üllo


We here at Momtrends love our wine but what we don't love is the headache that can come along with it. While too much wine is bound to give anyone a little brain burn come morning, some people who are highly sensitive to the sulfites in wine can get a headache from just a single glass. If that's you or someone you know, you need an Üllo.

Wine Without the Headache

There are two types of sulfites - natural and added. Natural sulfites are in your bottle as a natural by-product of fermentation - not much you can do about these. But many wines have added sulfites which you can often find listed on the bottle. Sulfites play a key role in preventing oxidization and maintaining a wine's freshness. Sulfites aren't bad for you, but once you pop the cork, they aren't useful anymore, and for some highly sensitive people, they can cause a raging headache.

sulfites in wine

While there are a growing number of sulfite-free wines on the market, you can also just filter the sulfites out of your favorite bottle with Üllo. Üllo is a cute little device that sits on top of your glass or carafe and is fitted with special filters that reduce the sulfite levels of the wine. As an added bonus, Üllo is an aerator as well.

Ullo wine filter

It's fast and simple to use. Simply pop a filter into the Üllo, set it atop your glass and pour! Each filter is designed to filter an entire bottle of wine. Plus you can adjust the aeration on or off by twisting the bottom.

filter your wine with Ullo

So skip the headache and just enjoy your next glass of vino! Visit to learn more or Amazon to get one for yourself.


Please drink responsibly. Momtrends was not paid for this post. A sample was provided.

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