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3 Wine Rules for National Picnic Day

Time to shake out the picnic blankets! Spring is here and National Picnic Day is tomorrow, April 23rd. Drinking wine outside isn't always a walk in the park - ha! There can be stray frisbees and bugs, hot sun and unstable surfaces. Today I'm sharing 3 rules for making picnicking with wine easier.

Wine Rules for National Picnic Day

I love picnic season - food, friends and fun outdoors. And of course, the perfect wine to sip! Ready to plan your picnic?

Choose your wine.

Choosing the right wine for picnicking is key. I'll be starting off my first picnic of the seasons with wine from AVA Grace Vineyards. While some may say you shouldn't buy wine based on the label, we all still do, right? It's hard not to be swayed by the label.

AVA Grace Vineyards

And look how pretty these bottles are! Picture-perfect bottles of whites, reds and rosé just begging to be paired with a spring picnic. These bottles would also make a pretty choice for serving wine at any spring fête like a bridal shower or girls get-together.

AVA Grace Wines

The wines are more than just a pretty face though. AVA Grace wines are designed to be "fruit-forward wines that show off the grapes natural acidity, aromas, and flavors" which makes them a perfect pairing with spring's new crop of fruits and veggies. I'm pairing their Red Blend which combines flavors like blackberry and raspberry with a little touch of spice (my favorite!), with nuts, dried fruits, peppery salami, thin slices of parmesan, and kalamata olives. And of course a warm baguette, Y-U-M. Buy AVA Grace wines online here.

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Pack it smart.

Sure there are lots of cute picnic baskets complete with plates and knifes and plastic champagne flutes. But more important than the plates or the food is how are you going to safely bring your wine bottles to the picnic? #priorities

Picnic Wine Carrier

I like this Two Bottle Carrier that includes a fold-out cheese board and knife, or if you're getting serious about your picnic wine (or have a crowd), this wine carrier from Vina that carries 6 bottles and promises to keep your champagne chilled for hours. Heading somewhere that doesn't allow glass? This two-pack of On The Move Travel Foldable Wine Bottle To Go Flasks each holds an entire 750ml bottle of wine, collapse when finished and are reusable. Plus, they can fit in your purse. Just saying.....

Get the right glass.

Once you've got the right bottle and the right carrier, you need to think about stemware. A red Solo cup is a little too college (though if you offer me a glass of wine in a Solo, I'll still gladly take it) and those popular silicone stemless wine glasses are too squishy in my opinion.

Picnic-ready wine cups

If you want to avoid bringing actual glass, I like to enjoy my picnic wine in a shatterproof plastic stemless wine glass or stainless steel stemless wine glass like the one shown above that will help keep your white wine colder even longer too. If you like having a stemmed wine glass, I'm also kind of intrigued by this set of unique removable stem shatterproof wine glassesthat have a detachable stem to make them more compact and portable.

Cheers to the weekend - and picnic season!

Please drink responsibly. Momtrends was not paid for this post. Affiliate links included. We were provided with a sample of wine - opinions expressed are our own.

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