I know Halloween is still a few days away but I'm guessing, you've already ripped open a corner of one of those bags and are now worried that you might have to buy another bag of candy to get you through the Monday night trick-or-treaters. Amiright?

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Wine and Candy Pairing

Then you might want to skip this Saturday Sip. Because we're about make you want to rip into a few more of those chocolatey delights. Presenting wine + candy pairings. A match made in Halloween heaven. You've been warned!

One of my favorite wine apps Vivino worked with wine experts to create these, err, most distinguished wine and candy pairings. So after the kids have trick-or-treated, trade them quarters for a few of these candies and pop open a few bottles of wine to create a very serious, adults-only taste-test for these suggested pairings.

Wine and candy pairing

Wine + Candy = Halloween Heaven

How to use the chart. Check out the matches below and then start sipping (after the kids are in bed). Wonder why these matches work? Check out what the experts have to say and see the entire list of candy + wine pairings here.

Halloween candy Wine Pairing

Hershey Kisses + Zinfandel:

  • The best wine contrasts creamy milk chocolate with ripe berry flavors. America’s sweetheart, Zinfandel, turns every bite into a raspberry cordial on the palate. Try it: Ridge Paso Robles Zinfandel

Whoppers + Cabernet Sauvignon

  • The huge malty character of whoppers needs a wine with backbone and depth to keep from being overpowered by the malt and chocolate. I love dessert wine with Whoppers, but something more accessible is a ripe, bold Cabernet Sauvignon blend from Paso Robles. Try it: Parrish Family Silken

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Jolly Ranchers + Gewürztraminer

  • You need a dynamic wine with enough acid and depth to stand up to the berry Ranchers and mesh with citrus ones. Grand Cru Alsatian Gewurztraminer has strong lychee tones and low acidity, so the candy the reigns without drowning out the flavor of the wine. Try it: Maurice Schoech Alsace Grand Cru Kaefferkopf Gewürztraminer

Candy Corn + Moscato

  • Moscato and candy corn are a fantasmagorica of sweetness. Think candyland on steroids. The sugar in the candy corn amps up the fruitiness in the Moscato. Both taste better as a result. Try it: St. Supery Moscato

Sour Patch Kids + Riesling

  • If Sour Patch Kids are “first sour, then sweet,” off-dry German Riesling is just the opposite! The Riesling’s sugar hits first, countering the candy tartness, and finishes with a cleansing kick of acidity. Try it: 2015 Bex Riesling

Twizzlers + Brachetto d'Acqui

  • The appeal of Twizzlers is the chewy texture and that synthetic raspberry-strawberry-cherry flavor. Piedmont's Brachetto marries brambly, wild fruit, and perfumed red floral aromas with a pleasant sweetness and easy-going bubbles, it's basically nature's liquid Twizzlers. Try it: Giulio Cocchi Asti Brachetto d'Acqui
Wine and Candy

Don't see your favorite Halloween treat? Click on over to Vivino's website to view the entire list of candy and wine pairings. Happy Halloween!

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