Saturday Sips: Frozen Watermelon Cocktail


Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer which means it's time to break out that grill, the corn on the cob, and fresh juicy watermelon. While a plate of cold, sweet watermelon is a perfect snack on its own, I'm using my watermelon this weekend to whip up these frozen watermelon cocktails. A perfect way to ring in the warm-weather!

Saturday Sips Frozen Watermelon Cocktail

I love that this cocktail has just two ingredients and that cutting the watermelon is a do-ahead step which means assembling these is a breeze.


  • seedless watermelon
  • vodka
  • watermelon rind spears for garnish
Watermelon cocktail


  1. Cut off watermelon rind and dice watermelon into cubes. Place on parchment-lined tray and freeze for 3-4 hours. (Or do this days/weeks ahead of time!)
  2. Blend frozen watermelon chunks in a blender.
  3. Add 2-4 shots of vodka to taste and continue blending.
  4. Pour into glass and garnish with watermelon spear.
Watermelon cocktail

You can also make this into a kid-friendly drink by skipping the booze and mixing in a bit of juice, sparkling water, or coconut water instead. And frozen cubed watermelon makes a fun, warm-weather kid snack too!

Watermelon cocktail

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