Saturday Sips: Backyard Picnic with Bon Affair Wines


Picnic season is here which means your midday drinking just got justified. Buuuuut as much as I'd like to enjoy that bottle of chardonnay with my goat cheese and grapes all afternoon, it IS only 2 PM and I can't afford to write-off the rest of my day. The solution? Bon Affair wine spritzers. The full-taste, low-alcohol beverage that is the perfect compliment to your weekend backyard picnic.


I'll admit that the phrase "wine spritzer" conjures up memories of the uber-sweet, oddly named drinks of my early drinking days. (Fuzzy Navel, anyone?) But Bon Affair offers a decidedly grown up look and flavor where, as their tagline says, "vice meets virtue." The wines are lightly carbonated with just the slightest touch of sweetness.

Bon Affair Wine Spritzer

Bon Affair starts with a base of California wine that is then blended with electrolytes (which some studies suggest can help counter the negative effects of alcohol), grape seed extract, and purified sparkling water. Bon Affair owner Jayla Siciliano made an appearance on SharkTank in 2015 and now you can find Bon Affair at Whole Foods, Albertsons and other retailers all over the U.S. as well as on their website.

I put together a tray full of delicious nibbles and paired it with Bon Affair's light and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc for a simple backyard picnic, perfect for a spring afternoon in the sun.

Backyard picnic with Bon Affair

Here are four reasons to try - and love - Bon Affair wines.

  • Half the calories - a combination of wine and purified sparkling water, Bon Affair has half the calories of a regular glass of wine.
  • Low alcohol - while your average bottle of wine has between 12.5%–14.5% alcohol by volume, Bon Affair is just 6.5%
  • No added sugar - no added sweet stuff here!
  • Deliciously refreshing - since you serve both the Sauvignon Blanc and the Syrah chilled, they are always perfectly refreshing.
perfect picnic wine


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