Saturday Sips: Let's Fast-Forward to Summer


Raise your hand if you're ready for summer? I don't know where you live, but I'm in California and over the last few weeks it's gone from windy and brisk to 85°F beach days to overcast and rainy all within the same week. The weather is pretty much having a midlife crisis and freaking out. So since it's February and 80+° out (?!)....let's margarita.

SAturday sips

This is not your average margarita. This is a special "global warming" margarita with an added dose of heat thanks to some muddled jalapeño. It somehow manages to taste refreshing on a warm day and warming on a cold, snowy day - go figure. Wherever you live, whatever the weather, THIS is the drink you need to make this weekend.

Let's meet our cast of characters....



  • orange liqueur - ¾ oz.
  • tequila - 1 ½ oz.
  • cucumber - 6 slices
  • jalapeño - 2-3 slices
  • lime - 1 oz.
  • sugar - 1 tsp. or to taste

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1. In a rocks glass, combine the cucumber, jalapeño, lime juice, and superfine sugar. Using a muddler or the back of a spoon, mash the cucumber and jalapeño until they start to break up and release their juices and oils.

2. Fill rocks glass with ice. Add tequila and orange liqueur. Place a mixing glass over the rocks glass. Holding glasses together firmly, shake gently to combine. Return margarita mixture to rocks glass and garnish with a cucumber slice. Serve immediately.

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You can leave the cucumbers and jalapeños in or strain them out for a milder taste. And just a warning, if you make a pitcher of this to share (which I highly recommend), the drink will get spicier and spicier as it sits thanks to the jalapeño.

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Happy weekend!

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