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Saturday Sips: 3 Ways to Make Tonight's Wine Better

It's the weekend! Time to pop open a bottle of wine and celebrate another week completed. Before you open up a bottle, here are three ways to make sure your wine tastes juuuuuuuust right.


Are you ready? Here are three easy steps to ensure that whatever bottle you open tonight, it's a good one.

Step 1: Pick the right bottle for right now.


Are you looking for something light and summery to go with appetizers? Or something complex and rich to match some red meat? In my house, I have between 5-10 bottles around at any given time, so when the weekend comes around, it's decision time. While I normally pick up a handful of everyday wines and and a few special bottles, inevitably I forget what exactly that description tag at Trader Joes said. Was this the spicy full-bodied one or the light, easy drinking one? That's where my Vivino app comes in. I mentioned this app in the Girl Scout cookie + wine pairing post a few weeks ago, and this app has quickly become a favorite. Their tagline is "Never pick another bad wine." And it's true! You can use this free app at the store - or in my case, while standing in front of my wine collection - and snap a picture of the label. Vivino searches through its collection of more than 8 million wines to give you reviews, pricing, and information on vintage and varietal. You can also see suggested food pairings, ratings on other vintages, and the best year to drink the wine. So you can find out if wine A will go well with your lamb or wine B will go better with your mint chip ice cream (no judgement). You can also leave your own wine notes about whether you loved/hated it and what it went well with. And for the record, I don't usually drink $42 bottles of wine, but I was pretty excited to find this in my wine cabinet and it went faaaabulously with the rib eyes I grilled for a late dinner with my husband after the kids went down.

 Step 2: Make your wine taste even better.

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Know how to make a $7 bottle of wine taste better? Or a $20 bottle of wine taste amazing? Aerate it. According to, "An aerator's purpose is to expand the surface area of wine, which allows the air to mingle with it. Aerators force air to be circulated throughout it, the end result is a wine with an expanded aromatic profile and/or softer tannins." In layman's terms, this means you'll be able to get more flavor out of your wine. Aeration happens naturally when you pour wine from the bottle into a glass, but you can increase it by using a decanter (if you're planning on drinking the whole bottle) or an aerator. I've used a few different aerators in my wine drinking days, but my favorite is this sleek insert from TRIbella. I love that it attaches right to the bottle unlike others which you need to hold and store separately. And I love that it not only aerates your wine, but gives you a beautiful, drip-free pour in the process. My other aerator makes an awful sound like bath water going down a clogged drain, but the TRIbella just has a quiet whisper that says, "I just made your wine better. You're welcome." Pick one up on Amazon.

Step 3: Save it right (if you even have leftovers...)


While the term leftover wine is a bit of an oxymoron to me, if you do happen to have leftover wine, you want to have a fail-safe way to ensure it's just as good on night two. Please, please, please tell me that you do not just shove the cork back in and call it a night. There is AIR in that bottle! And while that air was trés bon during the aeration process, it is no good if you're trying to get your wine to retain its flavor for more than a few hours. To preserve your precious leftovers, pick up one of these affordable wine saver vacuum seal pumps that let you seal your wine and pump out the offending air. Then use your leftover corks for some crafty Pinteresty project like this or this. (And if you're the crafty type, I hope you're following along with our Craft Corner posts.)

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Cheers! Now head on over to The Shopping Mama for more libation inspiration.

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