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Summer Wines: Finding Your Favorite Rosé

I hope that I am not the first to wish you.....Happy National Rosé Day, friends!

Summer Rosé Wines

Rosé consumption has been on the rise the past four years and it's not hard to see why. It's pretty. It's pink. And there is no shortage of yummy rosé to try. Plus, it's a perfect wine for summer. It's usually served chilled so it's refreshing, but because it can have a bit more body than white wine, it can match up to summer favorites like BBQ meats and grilled seafood.

So how exactly do you make a rosé?


As you can see in the picture above from Wine Folly, rosé wine is made from letting the pressed juice sit on the skins for a shorter amount of time than when creating a traditional red wine. This also means that there are lots of kinds of rosé. If you can drink it as a red wine (cab, syrah, zin), then it can also be made into a rosé. And finding the right rosé for you may take some trial and error. 

Rosé All Day

Which means this is the perfect opportunity for you to throw a rosé tasting party! Really - you'd be doing your friends and family a service to help them (it's all about helping them) find what rosé they like best! Find 3-4 rosés that are made from different grapes and do a little taste test. Today I'm sharing three rosés I tried that you may want to add to your test-taste list.

Rosé wines to try

Want to learn more about the differences between rosés made from different varietals? Click on over to Wine Folly's Rose Style Guide for more info like the ones below.

Pinot Noir Rosé: 2016 WALT California Rosé of Pinot Noir 

Pinot Rose

This pinot-based rosé from WALT vineyards is a pretty pink drink that has hints of strawberries and honeydew melon. Its perfect blend of being not too sweet and not too dry makes it dangerously drinkable! I can't imagine a summer picnic this wine wouldn't pair with though its hints of berry and melon is making me think it needs to be poured over some fresh strawberries to macerate and dumped on top of cold vanilla ice cream. Or paired with some goat cheese and balsamic. Or with freshly grilled shrimp....

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TempranilloRosé: Vivanco's Tempranillo Garnacha 2015

Tempranio Rose

While mostly made from tempranillo, this Spanish rosé from Vivano has 20% grenache which adds an extra bit of depth and floral flavor. The floral flavor isn't overwhelming though - you'll also pick up ripe raspberries and a hint of red licorice! Serve this rosé with any summer salad, pasta dishes or a charcuterie platter.

Grenache Blend Rosé: AVA Grace Rosé

Grenache Rose

Not a fan of too much forward fruit in your wines? The AVA Grace Rosé is a bit dryer than the other two roses with more of a clean mineral taste. You'll notice flavors like apricot and lemon that make this wine a perfect pair for grilled chicken or salmon. The AVA Grace Rosé even took silver medal at the 2016 Rosé Today awards!

What is your favorite rosé?

Rosé cheers

Please drink responsibly. Momtrends was not paid for this post. Samples were provided.




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