Has your household been caught up in March Madness? We're down to the Final Four match up being played today: South Carolina vs. Gonzaga and Oregon vs. North Carolina. While your bracket may have already been busted, your basketball-watching libation game can still be strong. We've rounded up four city-inspired cocktails to help you root on your favorite team.

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March Madness Final Four Cocktails

While we can't promise drinking one of these will ensure your team's victory, we are pretty sure you'll enjoy a good cocktail.

"Go Ducks" Sloe Gin Fizz

Sloe Gin Fizz

"Well Portland Oregon and sloe gin fizz / If that ain't love then tell me what is." Or so starts the first verse of Loretta Lynn's song "Portland, Oregon." Sloe Gin is a red liquor made from infusing gin with the small red fruit (also called sloe drupes) from a blackthorn bush, a relative of the plum. To make a Sloe Gin Fizz, shake up Sloe Gin, lemon juice, simple syrup and top with club soda. Simple, refreshing and sure to aid your couch coaching. (Trying to find sloe gin? Look for Spirit Works Distillery)

North Carolina Cherry Bounce

Cherry Bounce

Called the "official cocktail of Raleigh," the original Cherry Bounce takes some time to create—we're talking two weeks to infuse the brandy with cherries and spices to create the signature flavor. Instead, we like this updated quick mix Cherry Bounce that uses cherry vodka, cranberry juice and lime, and takes just minutes to make.

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Carolina Charleston Mule

Charleston Mule

Sweet tea and the south go together pretty much as well as this Charleston Mule will go over with your March Madness party guests. Made with Firelfy Spirit's Sweet Tea Vodka, ginger beer and lime, this cocktail will go down smooth—even if those baskets don't.

Gonzaga Green Apple Sparkler

Green Apple Spritzer

Celebrate Washington's abundant apple harvests and the Gonzaga Bulldogs with this Green Apple Sparkler. Leave this non-alcoholic sparkler as is for kids and non-drinkers or spike it with a smooth vodka or apple liquor for adult revelers.


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