Bottom's Up! LIQS Portable Ready-Made Shots


Whether you are celebrating this weekend or commiserating, this Saturday Sip is for you! We're saying "Bottom's up!" to the weekend with portable, ready-made shots from LIQS.

Liqs portable shots

I know what you might be thinking - shots? We're not 22 and hitting the bars! But that is exactly what makes LIQS shots so perfect for parents. You can drink them at home. Or on date night in your backyard hot tub. Or while tailgating for your Super Bowl party. Or on your girls' weekend away when it's 8:30 PM but you're all too tired to get gussied up and go out.

portable shots

The shots are pre-made and packaged in cute little ready-to-drink plastic cups. Combining premium spirits with real-fruit juice and all-natural flavors, LIQS are low sugar, low calorie and contain no additives, preservatives or artificial flavors. You have six tasty flavors to choose from: Whiskey Fireshot, Vodka Lemondrop, Tequila Cinnamon Orange, Vodka Kamikaze, and Vodka Lychee Grapefruit. I had a chance to try a few flavors out on a recent snow trip with some extended family. You simply pop them in the fridge (or snow!) to chill, then peel and enjoy!


My favorites were the Lemondrop and Kamikaze. I love that they weren't overly sweet or overly boozy. And while they are called shots, there's no need to pound them. I'm more of a shot sipper myself and actually enjoyed that the LIQS containers provided nice portion control. They are also a great option for places you can't have glass. Like the ski condo hot tub. Or the top of that black diamond run.

I asked a few fellow parents on Facebook when THEY might crack open a cold LIQS:

  • "How about when your kid's soccer team makes it to the next tournament round, meaning you're stuck there for at least another four hours?" - SBW
  • "Little league and anything that ends with "a-thon" - AM
  • "Poop in the bath. Just sayin..." - VM
  • "The moment my 14-year old daughter revealed that she had her first boyfriend." - KO
cocktail shots

Perfectly balanced, perfectly portioned, perfectly portable. A bit of a novelty for sure, but LIQS shots are a fun option to add to your next girls getaway or date night or tailgate party. If you're in New York, find out where to buy LIQS shots near you or order them online.


Momtrends was not paid for this post. Samples were provided.

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